Dear Patients,


At Pasadena Dental Practice, the safety of our patients and staff is our priority. 

Although our practice doors were closed since the 25th March 2020, we were providing a

telephone triage and advice service throughout this period

We are now

working towards resuming routine dental care at the practice again but

Patients with emergency and urgent dental needs will be prioritised.

Appointments will be managed so that we can allow for social distancing between patients. This

might mean that you are offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment time, to minimise

the number of patients attending the practice at any one time.

As you can understand, the social distancing measures will limit the number of patients we are able

to see in a day.

 We are aware that many patients had their dental

appointments postponed due to the Covid 19 crisis and we have a list of everyone who this applies

to. We are slowly making our way through the list but please do contact the practice if you would like to rebook your check up before we have managed to call you.

Ways you can help:

• If you do not currently have a dental problem, please bear with us during this period, whilst

we first help and treat those patients who need us the most.

• Please do not attend the practice in person unless you have an appointment.

• Instead, please telephone the practice on 01202 746573 if you require  advice or a routine appointment.

What to expect if you do need to attend for a dental appointment:

• If you develop Covid 19 symptoms before the appointment, please contact the practice by

telephone immediately.

• A member of staff will explain the new safety procedures in place before your appointment.

• Please attend the practice alone (with the exception of children, translators, carers).

• Please do not arrive early to the practice, as our waiting room will be closed. If necessary,

you should wait outside the practice.

• You will be asked to sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the practice.

• Payments are to be made by card if possible.

• Please keep a 2m distance if another patient is present at the dental practice.

• Only bring the minimum number of personal items. You will not be allowed to bring bags,

coats, etc, into the clinical areas.

• We ask patients to avoid using the practice restroom and sinks if possible.

• The reception staff and clinical staff may be wearing different personal protective

equipment compared with what you are used to seeing.

Our ability to see patients during this time will be dependent on the availability of essential PPE and

our staffing levels. We will not compromise the safety of our patients or staff at any time. Even after

the practice has re-opened, please be aware that there may be situations when you still need to be

referred to an NHS urgent dental centre for certain treatments.

It may take some time before dental services return to what you previously experienced as normal.

Thank you.

Pasadena Dental Practice Team


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